Getting Started Guide

This guide is designed to get you setup with an ObjectRocket account and on your way to creating instances with us! There are just a few steps necessary, and they’re outlined below. Follow along by using our Sign Up page!

1. Create an account

Obtaining an ObjectRocket account is as simple as signing up here and completing the forms listed. Enter your account information, all fields are required. ObjectRocket utilizes a single login for now, but we’re working on adding functionality for sub-accounts. For now we recommend using a mailing list if you need access for multiple people, eg.

Once filled in, click Launch my account.

2. Add billing info

Before you can create an instance, you’ll need to add your billing information. You can do so from the default landing page by clicking add a credit card to your account, or by clicking your username on the upper right, clicking Billing Information, then clicking the Set Credit Card button on the left side.

3. Create an instance

As we offer MongoDB, Redis, and Elasticsearch, there are guides for getting started with each: