Simplifies application development by offering pre-configured, high performance, highly available MongoDB instances in the cloud that automatically scale.

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Key features

Built for speed

Built for speed

Runs on PCIe flash storage, so you get more transactions per second and more consistent performance without the penalty of a shared environment.

Dynamically scales

Dynamically scales

Deploy data sets from 1GB up to multiple petabytes, with pain-free scaling that lets you pay as you grow.

Designed for safety

Designed for safety

Built-in redundancy, replication, automatic backups, and multiplexing across physically isolated systems help prevent downtime and data loss.

Deep expertise

Deep expertise

Built and managed by a team of dedicated specialists who know how to get the most out of MongoDB. We'll help build and scale your database—everything from migrating production data to pushing code refreshes.

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Memory Storage (PCIe Flash)

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Additional MongoDB features

Pluggable Storage Engines

Pick the storage engine that best fits your application requirements.

  • MMAPv1
  • WiredTiger

Multiple plans

Use lots of smaller shards for high throughput, or fewer larger shards for lots of data or fewer queries. Or, just hack in one our smaller plans.

Choice of regions

We have data centers in 3 geographic zones for redundancy. Choose Rackspace Service Net or AWS Direct Connect for low latency connections to your cloud applications.

Optimized for MongoDB

Every aspect of the stack has been tuned to make MongoDB fast, from the network stack, file system, OS kernel, and even MongoDB itself.


Our software stack implements a variety of features, tools, and APIs that save time, ensure uptime, or just plain make life easier.

Smart provisioning

Instances are multiplexed across multiple, physically separate systems, reducing possibility of downtime. Each instance is single tenant MongoDB.


Our physically separate systems employ a containerized approach to isolate CPU, memory, and I/O resources without robbing performance, while running at bare metal speed.

Redundancy and backups

Multiple load-balanced mongos servers, replica sets with at least one secondary and automatic nightly backups.


We monitor the network, server, and MongoDB for connections, lag, status of replicas, size, number of queries, etc.


Manage access with the integrated firewall. Instances terminate both plain text and SSL client traffic (sharded instances only).

Migration services available

We can help you prepare, manage, and execute your move through a highly coordinated effort between you and our MongoDB experts. Learn more.

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