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Logging in a Hybrid Cloud with Fluentd and ObjectRocket

Recently, the Rackspace DevOps Automation team announced a service that sends alerts from New Relic to Rackspace support. These alerts will generate tickets for our DevOps Engineers to respond to, so our customers can sleep soundly when alerts are generated at 3am. When combined with other data points collected about our customers’ environments, our Engineers will identify where issues lie and then execute the proper course of action.

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Thoughts on Redis performance

As I am afforded the privilege of speaking with many people and companies using Redis in a variety of use cases from simple caching to multi-terabyte sized setups the one topic I am asked to address more than any other is performance. Redis is different in how you approach performance. In many, if not most, database servers you try to improve performance. With Redis the goal is to not slow it down. This is a very different approach and requires a different mindset to take advantage of it.

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ObjectRocket for Redis now features ServiceNet Connections for Rackspace Customers‬

Over the past couple of months we have had a number of Rackspace customers ask us when they will have the ability to connect to their ObjectRocket for Redis instances over ServiceNet, and we are excited to launch this feature today in our Virginia (IAD), Dallas (DFW), Chicago (ORD) and London (LON) regions.

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Getting started with Redis

The speed and flexibility of Redis makes it an extremely powerful tool for developers and it can be used in a variety of different ways. Although Redis is often referred to as a key-value store it is much better described as a Data Structure Server, as it also supports 5 different data structure types, namely:

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Understanding MongoDB space usage

For those of you new to using MongoDB, MongoDB space usage can seem quite confusing. In this article, I will explain how MongoDB allocates space and how to interpret the space usage information in our ObjectRocket dashboard to make judgements about when you need to compact your instance or add a shard to grow the space available to your instance.

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