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Analyzing Redis performance results

In the previous installment I discussed topics and approaches to preventing your Redis instance from becoming slow. Now it’s time to examine ways of measuring performance.

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Top 10 Redis CLI commands

Redis uses a very straightforward command line interface. Though it’s relatively simple, it does provide some interesting features that one might not expect. Let’s go over some of the basics and work our way around most of the client’s functionality and features.

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Using hashes in Redis

Hashes in Redis are a way to store associated field-value pairs under a single key, where both the field and values are strings. Redis allows for modifications to both the data structure as a whole, and also to each field in the structure. This makes it a great (and very fast) backing store for objects in an application.

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Overview of Redis

In Matthew Barker’s Getting started with Redis post, we covered the 5 data structures in Redis. This overview will cover some key operations and common uses, along with security options and a few simple example scripts.

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Sentiment Analysis and Social Analytics with MongoDB & SponsorHub

What creates trust? What makes people laugh, or feel surprised? Can an algorithm pinpoint the exact moment or reason a person expresses excitement?

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